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How to get Vietnam Visa?

How to get Vietnam Visa?  That is the first thing you need to know when you are are planning to go to Vietnam. There are 3 ways to get Vietnam Visa. We show you all information on Vietnam visa. 

When is the best time to travel to Vietnam?

When is the best time to travel to Vietnam? I can say Vietnam is truly year- round destination. It’s not really a right time or wrong time to travel to Vietnam because the weather here is different from one region to another due to the country’s length. In summary, it depends on where you want to visit in Vietnam. We can split by 3 separate destinations:The North, the Center and the South

How is the tipping etiquette in Vietnam

When you are traveling in Vientam, tipping is expected though not compulsory. Normally when you are on the tour, you are expected to tip for your tour guide and driver. You are flexible on Tips and gratuities. It totally depends on your satisfaction on the guide and driver’s performance. However, if you need an advice, tips may range from US$ 4.00/guest/day for a guide and from US$ 2.00/guest/day for driver. 

How safe is Vietnam for tourist?

 I can say that in general Vietnam has quite safe travel environment. Unlike the other countries in Asia such as Thailand, Malaysia or the Philippines, Vietnam has a stable political system and terrorism risk is extremely rare. In Vietnam, our government do their job really well to keep the tight security.  There is alsmost no conflict or argurment in community. Vietnamese people are friendly and warmly welcome the visitors. 

What place to see in Vietnam?

 Here is a list of sightseeing places in Vietnam , please choose what you want to see:

How is the weather in Halong bay? When is the best time to travel to Halong bay?

Halong bay is located in the North Vietnam and has a rich variety of weather throughout the year.  It can be divided into cold dry winter and hot humid summer. 

I’m vegetarian – will I be catered for?

Yes, most definitely.  Salads and vegetables are of a high quality and vegetarian food is widely available.  

What’s the difference between 3, 4, and 5 -star hotels in Vietnam?

We usually arrange centrally-located and Western-standard hotels. Five-star hotels are usually palatial with huge lobbies and comfortable rooms, their standards not quite matching the best of Paris or New York, but very close. Four-star hotels have quality facilities, but not as luxurious as five-star hotels. Three-star hotels meet the needs of most Westerners, but breakfasts have less choice. 

How about homestay tours in Vietnam?

You will eat, sleep and learn about living activities at residents’ homes where you come during your homestay tours. It may be simple but truly authentic. You live with the local people, enjoy their daily life. Great access! 

How to travel to Cambodia from Vietnam?

To travel to Cambodia from Vietnam, you can take flight, travel by bus or by speed boat on the Mekong river

What happen if Halong cruise is cancelled due to bad weather?

What happen if Halong cruise is cancelled due to bad weather?

What is currency and how to exchange money Vietnam? How to use Credit/Debit Cards and Where are ATMs?

Currency Đông (Vietnamdong ). Notes are in denominations of 500,000; 200,000; 100,000; 50,000; 20,000; 10,000; 5,000; 2,000; 1,000.

What is the phone number in urgent case?

From over see, you can call our office number at ++ 84 24 3715 3818 or hotline number ++84 9 04 284 484 When you are in Vietnam, you just dial directly  024 3 715 3818  or hotline  0904 284 484

My Cell phone can use in Vietnam?

Sure! you can use your cell phone in Vietnam. You can buy a simcard cost 50.000 VND or 100.000 VND which is around 2,5 USD or 5 USD to call. You just need to be sure that your mobile phone is not clocked oversea. You can buy a Vinaphone, Mobile phone, Viettel simcard any where in Vietnam.

Who need Laos visa and How to get Laos Visa on arrival?

All visitors, except citizens of Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Russia and Japan, need a visa to enter Laos. Travelers can get Laos Visa before leaving home at Laos embassy or consulate office  in their coutry or get visa on arrival at 30 USD for stamping fee.
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