How safe is Vietnam for tourist?

 I can say that in general Vietnam has quite safe travel environment. Unlike the other countries in Asia such as Thailand, Malaysia or the Philippines, Vietnam has a stable political system and terrorism risk is extremely rare. In Vietnam, our government do their job really well to keep the tight security.  There is alsmost no conflict or argurment in community. Vietnamese people are friendly and warmly welcome the visitors. 

But Vietnam, like the any other places in the world still have some minor issues which come from street crime, chaotic traffic and road. But very few will encounter of this.
And here are some adivise Do and Don’t for travelers:
- Don’t take valuables with you during walking tour.  Don’t wear the expensive jewelry to avoid the attention of thief.
- Take great care of your luggage, wallet, smartphone, carmera, laptops, rucksacks while walking on the street, especially in the vibrant Ho chi minh city. Keep personal belongings close to yourself at all times. One of the most popular way of theft on the street may seen that bags can easily be grabbed from a moving mortorbike with high speed.  So make sure you keep a hand on any bags. Dangerous in term of pick pocket and stealing may comes from scene of distraction. One person try to distract you by asking for direction or for help or trying to sell some souvernir while the others pickpocket and steal.
- Don’t get drunk
- Don’t gamble
- Don’t get into arguments with locals. It’s not good for you. 
- Don’t go off with your new friends
- Don’t do drugs
- Pay attention about crossing the streets. If you can not cross the treets alone, just follow the locals. You may see the traffic here is really chaotic and not follow any regulation. Somehow It’s not in order.
- Say no with street vendors and beggars, don’t stop and show your interest. Beggars and street vendors you can meet mainly in the tourist areas in the big cities. Just say no and keeep moving, ignore them.
- Be smart travelers when pick up the travel service providers and suppliers. Almost the travel agents and tour operators here try to offer the good services and keep their reputation but some still don’t pay much attention on the quality service and the safety of travelers. Some just focus on the benefit and show little attention on the traveler’s safety.
- Don’t take the cyclo tour and taxi drivers by yourself. They may cheat you.  If you want to take a cyclo tour, our advice is that you should book with the local tour operator. They give you the clear and correct price. If you want to take the taxi, you should ask for the help from hotel staff. They will call the taxi driver that they know well for you.
- Do not show off
- Should not wear the revealing clothes. Not showing too much skin. You are traveling and the comfortable clothes is required. Some sacred places such as mausoleum, temple will request no tank top, no sleeveless shirt, no short shorts. But the other places you are quite free with what you wear. In general, casual and comfortable clothes would be fine. 

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