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In Vietnam for domestic flights we have 4 carriers which are Vietnam Airlines, Bamboo airway, Vietjet Air and Jetstar. Vietjet and Jetstar are our low cost carriers. The case of delayed flight is quite high
Vietnam airlines is the best we have. Ticket includes 20kg check in luggage and 7kg carry on luggage
Bamboo airway is a new born but quite good. The route is still limited choice
Vietnam Airlines
Bamboo Airway
Vietjet Air

Traveling by flight among Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, you can take Vietnam airlines, Laos airline Cambodia airline
The train trips are available everywhere from the north to south and it may be an unique and fun experience for the first time visitor. For some reasons like saving cost, scenery along the way, more comfortable for the long trip than the car, a lot of travelers like to take the train. Normally you will see there is nothing special about the scenery along the way. It would be better if you take the flight instead.
However, the train in Vietnam has both negative and positive points. The good thing is to save cost, some time. But train here is quite slow and outdated, simple equipment and not compare to the train in the developed countries. We have hard seat, soft seat. For sleeping train we have 4 berth cabin and 6 berth cabin. We normally, suggest the train for Sapa trip only. The reason is that the train quality for this route is quite good and it’s convenient for travelers to pickup night train. Each will have one pillow and a blanket .The popular schedule for Hanoi – Lao cai ( Sapa ) is 9:00 PM – 5:30 AM next day and the return trip from Lao cai back Hanoi is 8:45PM – 5:30 AM next morning.  There are 4-berth cabind and 2-berth cabins which are private. If you are 2 people traveling together and don’t want to spend much for the train fare, you can buy the 2 tickets in 4 berth cabin and share the cabin with 2 other passengers. If you want to have private cabin, you are expected to pay double to get the ticket for 2 berth cabin. All don’t have private toilet. You will have one passengers’ common toilet for all.
Open-tour buses are an increasingly popular service for budget travelers, especially in Vietnam's southern and central regions. Buses run regularly and reliably between top destinations such as Hanoi, Hue, Hoi An, Nha Trang, Da Lat, Mui Ne, and Ho Chi Minh City. Most open tour buses are sleeper buses, or have deep reclining chairs. Sleeping bus is very cheap and may be a fun experience for the first time visitor. However, if you are tall, it’s quite hard for you to feel comfortable in your bed as the sleeping bed is quite small. Tickets sold at tourist cafes and Travel Agencies.
Private Car/Van
For private transportation, we have new, clean, air-conditioned car, van, mini bus, big bus brands from Toyota, Ford transit, Mercedes Sprinter, Hyundai County, Hyundai Universe, Dcar Limousine, Fuso Limousine
Taxis are very popular on the streets of the big cities. The prices are in VN dong and the fares are not expensive. Taxi scams in Vietnam take the form of rigged meters, overcharging, confusing currency and fixed prices. To use Taxi, its advised to write down the directions, and the agreed-upon price, to avoid confusion. Check that the meter is operating. Pay in Dong. The taxis, hanging around the tourist areas, sometime change the setting of the meter. In general, smarter- looking taxis and those waiting outside big hotels tend to be more reliable.

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